Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bermuda

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Welcome to the

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bermuda 



September has been designated Ovarian Cancer month in Bermuda.


Please join us in our campaign to fight this deadly disease.

See articles on about the fight against cancer our news blog.

Devoye B. Darrell
August 27, 1957 - April 30, 2016


I would like to pay tribute to the founder of teal toes Careyzabeth Fitzmaurice who lost the battle after 9 years with Ovarian Cancer.  She died June 15, 2015. Click on the teal toes sign above to learn more about Carey

Support Ovarian Cancer Awareness and have your nails painted Teal at participating locations below:

Keez Kreations Nail Salon, 74 Church St. Hamilton

Headway, upper floor, Washington Mall next to Buzz