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In April 2013, I attended the Business and Professional Women International North America/Caribbean Regional Congress where one of the speakers talked about female cancers and the need for more awareness. During that congress I decided to have a luncheon to raise funds for the Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre and other female organizations that could assist with educating women about gynaecological cancers. Little did I know, that one month later my sister would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


While attending the Dana Farber in Boston we connected with another Bermudian Denise Richardson who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. We talked for a while and it became very clear that my focus would now be better served on Ovarian Cancer Awareness.


When I found out that Ovarian Cancer Awareness was observed in September, I had only 13 days to pull together something that would captivate the community to bring about awareness, island wide. I contacted Denise, along with Devoye as survivors of Ovarian Cancer, we gathered a group of women to organize the “Break the Silence – Ovarian Cancer Awareness 2013” events. Educating women about this deadly disease.


The Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre also assist women who have no insurance to have the ultrasound examination, which is one way of detecting if the ovaries are abnormal.

Three years on and my sister has now been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and 2015 with cancer on the lining of her stomach due to ovarian cancer. Also another member Darnel Wynn is battling this disease again for the third year consecutively.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions might have regarding the journey when being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.


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