Recognition Display Board Recognition Display Board Somerset Market Place Ianne Mc Pherson standing with a flyer explaining the cause to potential supporters. It went very well for the first day with donations of approximately $100. Thank you to Ianne McPherson, Krissy Darrell, Eleanor Stovell and Devoye Darrell for manning the board... well done! 184194496 Heron Bay Market Place right to left: Justin Caisey, Ianne McPherson, Eleanor Stovell, Patrice Stovell, Jordan Caisey, Beverly Russelland Garrylynn Hayward. Front - right to left: Devoye Darrell and Tyson Hayward 184352505 Heron Bay Market Place right to left: Tam, Ricky, Sham and Aneesha Darrell and Adessa Philip 184352503 Heron Bay Makret Place Jordan Caisey 184352504 Heron Bay Market Place Patrice giving a young lady a ribbon 184390558 Lindo's in Warwick Stephanie Furbert puts teal ribbon on supporter. Thanks to Merilyn Saltus, Merilyn Rewan, Stephanie Furbert, Eleanor Stovell, Ianne McPherson. Kristina Darrell for manning the board at Lindo's 184476652 Lindo's in Warwick Krissy Darrell 184496877 Lindo's Warwick Marilyn Saltus and Ianne McPherson 184496878 Lindo's Devonshire Jackie Bremer and supporter 184585953 Lindo's Devonshire Jackie Bremer and Melissa Logie manning the board 184585954 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712161 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712162 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712163 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712164 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712165 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712166 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712167 Shelly Bay Market Place 184712168 St George at Robertson's Drug Store 184984906 St George at Robertson's Drug Store 184984907