Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bermuda

  Save a Life - Knowledge is Power

About Us

In 2013 Devoye, Denise and Patty had a vision to start a group that would help women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  And from that vision a group of women supporters, family members and friends came together to recognise Ovarian Cancer Month.  The Committee initiated several events under the theme "Break the Silence" - September is Ovarian Cancer Month.  Our purpose is to educate Bermudians about Ovarian cancer awareness.  Providing information about the symptoms and to support those who have been diagnosed with the disease. 

Soon we will be offering women without insurance that need diagnostic testing support so they can have, pelvic exams and ultrasound testing. 

Ovarian Cancer is a deadly disease that is impacting our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.  We want to share as much information as possible.  After all, knowledge is power.  This fight is not only for women, but men can join in by wearing teal to show their support. 

We're all in this fight together.




We are delighted that you have taken time to view our website.  Please check from time to time for updates.  Our aim is to keep you informed on breaking stories about Gynaecological cancers.