Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bermuda

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Questions to ask your Doctor:


  • What type of ovarian cancer do I have?
  • Has my cancer spread beyond the ovaries? At what stage does that put me?
  • What cell type do I have?
  • What is the microscopic grade of my cancer and what will that mean in my case?
  • What treatment options or medications do you recommend for me?
  • Will I need surgery and, if so, how extensive should it be?
  • What risks or side effects should I expect from different treatment options?
  • How can I reduce the side effects?
  • Given the treatment options we discussed, how likely is it that my cancer will return?
  • For how long do you expect I'll need chemotherapy?
  • How will we know whether or not the cancer has returned?
  • How should I prepare for treatment?
  • Should I or anyone else in my family be tested for the genetic mutations commonly associated with ovarian cancer?
  • What nutritional guidelines should I follow?
  • Will I be able to have children after my treatment?
  • What is my expected prognosis?
  • How long might it take for me to recover?
  • How will my treatments affect my work?
  • Will I need a wig?
  • What do I tell my children, husband, parents and other family members?
  • Are there any clinical trials or experimental therapies I might qualify for?
  • How often should I follow up with you or your staff?

    Your journey  begins from the moment your doctor gives you the diagnoses.  It will be a very personal and unique journey for you and your loved ones. This path can be scary at times, and you will most likely be faced with a variety of emotional and physical challenges.  One thing we want you to know is that you do not need to walk this path alone.

    The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bermuda is here to support you and your family throughout the course of your disease and beyond. Some of us have walked the same path and we are here to provide you with information, compassion, and encouragement.

    After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the uncertainty can be  overwhelming and you will have many questions about the disease. How will it affect my body, my life and my family? What should I do next? What's the best plan of action? What treatment side effects will I experience?

    Please feel free to contact us and we will help to guide you.